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The development of the photovoltaic industry in China

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Category Management:

  1. Why is it dangerous to destroy the process of globalisation?(2019/11/27)
  2. Cooperation between companies are a precondition for satisfaction on both sides (2019/08/25)
  3. Industry 4.0, an overview and definition (2019/08/25)
  4. Balance score card (2019/08/24)
  5. IT is needet in all our businesses and IT provides additional business opportunities (Publisched 2018/08/11)
  6. Conveniences prevent necessary social changes and prevent opportunities from being taken (Published 2016/01/26)
  7. Changes of ownership, changes of the management board and generation change in a company (Published 2016/01/16)
  8. Is it possible to empower the European Union? (Published 2016/01/09)
  9. Worldwide Megatrends; some of them we cannot avoid. Why we do not promote them? (Published 2013/07/14)
  10. To achieve your targets, you have to be convinced that you and your team can achieve them. (Published 2013/07/07)
  11. Implementing TPM Improves Nearly all KPIs of a Production (Published 2013/01/01)
  12. The right management is needed to overcome a crisis situation (Published 2012/10/22)
  13. A simple restructuring project will fail if a change management is necessary!(Published 2012/10/15)
  14. What does it mean to come out of a crisis invigorated? (Published 2012/10/06)
  15. Restructuring is necessary, but it has to be done with the target in mind. (Published 2012/09/15)
  16.  About motivation and information (Published 2012/09/01)
  17. China’s Activities in Africa and Their Outcome (Published 2012/08/25)
  18. When will it be time to change our economic thinking from triadic to tetradic? (Published 2012/08/13)
  19.  Do not underestimate China. (Published 2012/07/30)
  20. How to follow the volatility of markets with a production plant (Published 2012/07/21)
  21. Restructuring Productions—What Is Important? (Published 2012/07/01)
  22. How high will the dragon fly? (Published 2012/06/06)
  23. What are the risks and opportunities of being a trendsetter or fast follower? (Published 2012/04/28)
  24. The performance of production systems should be checked (Published 2012/04/10)
  25. The transition to a new assignment (Published 2012/03/09)
  26. Project business and “production to order” should also include supply chain planning. (Published 2012/03/02)
  27. Improvement and Innovation (Published 2012/02/10)

Category Sustainability

  1. And again the electrical energy in Germany is monopolised(2019/11/19)
  2. Climate change impact on human health part 2 (Published  2019/03/03)
  3. Climate change impact on human health part 1 (Published 2019/02/24)
  4. The Federal council of Germany considered the climate agreements of Paris (Published 2016/10/09)
  5. Great ideas are not always immediately appreciated (Published 2013/06/27)
  6. Antidumping duties are not the solution for a healthy photovoltaic market (Published 2013/03/04)
  7. We are preparing destroying our planet (Published 2012/12/02)
  8. Electroluminescence shows the quality of photovoltaic modules (Published 2012/12/02 )
  9.  Why not photovoltaic? Discussed on the example Europe. (Published 2012/11/07)
  10. The energy production region for Europe is northern Africa. (Published 2012/10/14)
  11.  Asia is taking the lead in the development and production of renewable energies. (Published 2012/10/07)
  12. Energy storage: Necessary developments and integration in energy systems (Published 2012/09/15)
  13.  Continuous energy supply generated by a hybrid power plant (Published 2012/09/08)
  14. How much additional energy can be sourced due to global development? (Published 2012/08/30)
  15. Storage or smart grids: What do we need? (Published 2012/08/12)
  16. Short- and Mid-term Possibilities for Photovoltaics in Asia (Published 2012/07/25)
  17. The economic interests and the politics of China, the USA, and Germany are hindering the progress of the energy production turnaround. (Published 2012/07/08)
  18. The same installation again – and what else do we need? (Published 2012/06/24)
  19. The latest trends in the Chinese wind energy market (Published 2012/06/07)
  20. Electric Cars—The Future of Emerging Nations (Published 2012/05/12)
  21. Can Our Business Models Support Renewable Energies? ( Published 2012/04/19)
  22.  The development of the photovoltaic industry in China (Published 2012/04/14)
  23. Water becomes a high value resource for China (Published 2012/03/30)
  24. Which renewable energy source will win the race? (Published 2012/03/09)
  25. Photovoltaic: Efficiency and direction of development (Published 2012/02/25)
  26. Associate survey: What can we achieve with it? (Published 2012/02/18)
  27. Integration of Renewables in China (Published 2012/02/10)
  28. Third Industrial Revolution by Jerimy Rifkin: Do we have now our narrative for it? (Published 2012/02/04)
  29. Photovoltaic Panels: Positive Developments in Terms of Prices (Published 2012/01/29)
  30. Energy consumption reduction at home (Published 2011/11/20)

Category Technology

  1. Internet of things, cloud computing, big data analysis, artificial intelligence: How can we forecast their middterm development? (Published 2016/01/23)

Videos and presentations

  1. Sustainable developments for a safe future (Published 2018/05/25)
  2. Supply chain design and supply chain management (Published 2017/04/08)
  3. Shaping companies towards outstanding performance (Published 2017/04/08)