Guenter Schulze

Nationality: German

living in Berlin

Birthday: 16th of April 1955

Marital status: Married

Education: Mechanical engineer

I started my career in Germany, as a mechanical engineer and developed to take over managerial functions.

During my career I was working in the automotive industry, for consumer goods and for industrial goods. In the industrial goods area I got also close contact to the renewable energies

Since 1997 I was working abroad in Poland, Hungary and since 2007 in China. May 2012 I came back to Germany and work in renewable energies.

Now, in April 2016 I changed back to automotive and are working in Hungary, in manufacturing and developing electrical machines.

This blog will have two main categories:

  1. I will pick up actual management subjects and questions, which are connected with the globalization of our world. I try to show in the articles possible solutions for actual problems and would like to enhance with this articles to a discussion. The subjects will be mainly management and technical related
  2. I will show articles, which are connected to the climate change and our possibilities and actions against it. I will discuss environmental aspects and will try to develop possible solution.

The whole blog will be critical, actual and sometimes controversy. With this I expect feedback, to reflect my proposed solutions on a wider scale.

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