Cooperation between companies and universities are a precondition for satisfaction on both sides

We find companies claiming, to get students, who are not prepared for their jobs and universities are in respect of their research activities, to strong in focusing on themselves and not on the needs of.

Let us define the aspects, needed, to achieve sustainable development:

The knowledge of our society is doubling all 3 to 5 years. This causes consequently a continuous change of products, forms of living styles and working styles and has influence to the whole society.

Climate change and CO2 reduction and the different ways to approach this issues, are an example, how things are developing. In all cases, we have three elements to look upon: Science, Economy and Society represented by politics.Science, Economy and Society have to work seamless together, if we would like to achieve satisfying living conditions. As closer all parties are working together, as better will be the outcome.

Now, I come to the special role of the universities. The universities are doing research and are developing science. On universities, young people study and build up their capabilities.

For industry and companies, the universities are source of two important elements: research results and skilled people. On this slide, we see how collaboration between university, society and companies should look like.

For companies it should be a high interest, to keep a good collaboration with the universities.

What are the possibilities to collaborate with universities?

I listed here only a few possibilities:

– giving internship places for students

– giving topics for master thesis and help working on this subjects

– giving research contracts to the universities.

– Participation on research projects with more than one university and other companies

– Companies can give lessons about practical experience (giving guest lectures)

– The universities have some equipment, what companies can use from time to time (electron beam

   microscope, laser welding, …)

– and so on

This brings a win-win-situation for the university, for the students and the companies.

This kind of collaboration helps very much, to align the direction the universities are working with the practical need of the companies.

There is always one claim from the companies:

The flexibility and the readiness for new solutions and the speed, is not always satisfying in working together with the universities.

For this the targets for the universities and the companies needs alignment.

Let us conclude:

For all companies the sustainable development is necessary. For this, the companies need excellent people and should get input from research results.

Access to these elements, companies can find by good collaboration with the universities.

Close collaboration between companies and universities brings benefits to both sides.

It is necessary to synchronize speed and interests of all parties.

In a continues changing environment, parties have to work close together, to assure; they are satisfying the demand of their customers. Universities and companies are both, customer and supplier, for each other.

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