And again the electrical energy in Germany is monopolised

RWE and Eon, the anyhow dominating electrical energy supplier in Germany made an exchange of their businesses. With this the dominanz becomes even more visible. In the picture below is visible, in which areas the electrical power network is monopolised to EON (red areas).

On the other side RWE will become a dominating company for electrical energy production. This was the situation, the German government tried to avoid. In Germany, were the energy cost are the highest in Europe, the monopolisation of the energy production and the energy supply will not guide to improving conditions.

Wit the introduction of renewable energy it was targeted, to have multible player in the game. Everybody could participate on solarparks and wind power plants or even build some solar panels on their own roof. Everybody was crying, this big investment nowbody can do, so it is better, if more player can participate.

Imedeatly, Eon and RWE recognised, they will lose their confortable position, they were looking for possibilities to gain their monopolistical status back. We can see on the picture below that they have been already successful and the politicians are alowing them this behavior.

If powersupply is seen as a strategical element, the network could be taken by the government. It is questionable that a monopolist will make a cost target driven business.

This business exchange is the worst step I have ever experianced. Open calculation was always requiered from the energy supplier, but in the end Garmany has the highest electrical power prices in Germany.

Not to stop this, is losing an opportunity to improve. It is the nail on the coffin for developing powerful renewable energy and to get a Powersupply, which could be done only by a Blockchain installation and having so the highes competition we can imagen.

In the energy politic, the mistakes done by the politicions is so huge that Germany will suffer from this for long years.

And even if we go thru the list of failures:

  1. Killing the German solar industry by working long time with to high feed-in tarifs and than reducing to fast.
  2. Now the German windpower plant producers will die.
  3. Giving the network to a monopolist
  4. overslept the broadband expansion
  5. Need to much time to give licences for 5G

I can not imagine that this damage of energie supply in Germany can be even more worsen.

All the projects, which have something to do with economicle behavior or strategical decisions have been failed during the last years.

Railway privatisation failed and now we see that under the owner of the government this company is worsening its services day by day.

Finalizing the Airport in Berlin has now 4 Years overdue and the end is not visible.

Internet connection weak, what gives disandwantages for businesses.

Klimat target achivement are in big danger and with monopolists it will not imrove. I would really apreciate, if there were a few guys in politic, fighting agains this damage of taxes and competetivenes for the location Germany.

It is necessary for the German politicians to improve. A good leader guides his team to success.

This is at present time not visible in Germany.

The exchange of businesses between RWE and Eon is the way to a monopolistic energy supply system

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