Water becomes a high value resource for China

China has the largest population of all countries on earth, but it has not the same share of water resources compared to its share of world population. That means that providing all Chinese inhabitants with sufficient fresh water has become a challenge for China. The Chinese government has put a lot of projects in place to solve these problems:











The situation gets even worse: The water resources of China are not on the same places where the people need the water. For example the region of Beijing is lacking enough fresh water. To address this, the government plans a big civil engineering project envisioned to provide Beijing with water from the Yangzi River. Most of the Chinese population is living near the coastal region of the Pacific Ocean. To provide enough drinking water in this region, the Chinese government is strongly increasing the desalination capacity for fresh water.

The Chinese economy was growing rapidly over the last decade and will grow further. I would even say that it has to grow further to catch up to western countries and to satisfy its population.






Luckily, the growth of population is slowing down in China, due to the one child policy. Nevertheless, assuring a supply of fresh water in China will call for a lot of development projects. This is, on the other hand, an opportunity for foreign companies to provide China with the necessary technology and to participate in the necessary projects. China’s government is asking for this help and is open to working with foreign companies in this field. But foreign companies should also be aware that China will never leave such important infrastructural projects only in the hand of foreign companies. Other ways of working together have to be implemented.

Let us summarize: China will solve its fresh water problem by implementing numerous projects. This provides business opportunities in China for companies in this sector. China will ensure that it controls the strings of such important infrastructure. Nevertheless, the problem in China is so important that whoever is now ready to participate in these projects should not hesitate. Any possible services should be proposed actively to China.


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