The latest trends in the Chinese wind energy market


Nevertheless, even if China continues to move toward using wind energy, it is still not satisfied with the availability of its wind turbines. As a result, the country has tried to implement a monitoring system for wind turbines and make out of this systems depending on whether or not the turbines can stay connected with the grid.

See the following announcement of the NEA (National Energy Administration):

These trends were also manifested in China’s latest five years of planning, as shown in the following image.

Furthermore, the Chinese wind industry is going for export. According to our research, the following projects of Chinese WTG suppliers abroad have been:

–          Sinovel did projects in Brazil, Ireland, Greece and India

–          Goldwind did projects in Chile, Montana, Pakistan, Ecuador, Ohio, Cyprus

Australia,  Ethiopia, Illinois, Minnesota and Cuba

–          United Power did Projects in Argentina and Texas

–          Ming Yang did projects in Bulgaria

–          Sewind did projects in India, Thailand and England

All this projects count together to a capacity of 2 527 MW.

It is clear that Chinese wind energy producers have experienced a certain amount of success in going for export. They not only have the advantage of their domestic market, but they are also successful in exporting. But we can already see which companies are the strongest and have the greatest possibility of staying in the business long-term. The selection process has already started.

Let us summarize with the following points:

  • The Chinese wind energy market is still developing as planned in the last five years planning.
  • The big players in the Chinese wind energy market are the Chinese companies. Foreign companies have limited chances for success.
  • Chinese companies are also going for export and will become serious competitors in the world market.
  • There may still be a gap in WTG availability for Chinese wind turbines and foreign companies. The Chinese government intends to monitor this and will create significant pressure to improve the quality of Chinese wind turbines.
  • Prices for wind energy in China are clearly defined and provide certainty for investments.

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