Associate survey: What can we achieve with it?

In bigger organizations and companies, “associate surveys” are done to get feedback from the associates about their satisfaction with the company and to identify issues that the associates are not satisfied with. What can be achieved with these surveys?

  1. These surveys show the employees that their opinion is important for the company.
  2. Surveys give the management feedback on their efforts to satisfy the employees.
  3. Surveys indicate to the management the areas in which it should improve.
  4. Associate surveys improve the team spirit in a company.

Associate surveys should be anonymous to get open feedback from the employees. They should contain no more than 20 questions so that they are not too difficult for the employees. The questions should be written in a clear and understandable way. It would be an advantage if the associates could indicate their satisfaction with the content of a question on a scale, e.g. between 1 and 10. Let us consider some sample questions:

Fully                         Not fulfilled

Can you develop yourself according to your expectations in the company?

10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1

Are you informed about the business situation of your company in a timely manner?

10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1

The conditions of your workplace are clean and provide a good atmosphere.

10   9   8   7    6   5   4   3   2  1

Shaping the questions in the aforementioned manner gives the opportunity to create a profile of the company. It shows immediately where the company needs to improve and which areas are appreciated. The following areas should be covered by the questions:

  1. Management style
  2. Working conditions
  3. Atmosphere within the company
  4. Development opportunities
  5. Commitment to company culture and company values

The first time we conduct this kind of survey, we will get a profile that will show us the weaker points of a company. This profile should be taken as a management task to take action to improve the weakest areas. Information about these actions should be given to the employees. This will show the employees that their answers are treated seriously by the management and that their efforts to complete the questionnaire are valued.

It is helpful to do such an associate survey every year or at least every two years. With a second associate survey, it will become apparent whether the actions taken after the first survey have been successful. The implementation of successful actions will be decisive for participation in an associate survey. Thus, associate satisfaction can be improved continuously based on data.

In companies with more than 100 employees, it is nearly impossible to gain a clear picture of associate satisfaction. For this type of company, an associate survey can provide a clear picture of the weaknesses that must be addressed to satisfy the associates. In bigger organizations, we will even see areas in which the management is weak and has not attended to associate satisfaction.

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